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We founded in 2004, which is integrating design、production and sales. Now we have more than 100 staffs. annual turnover is about 6 million.

Our main markets are Europe, Australia, Japan and North America. Such as CLAS OHLSON of Sweden, NILLE of Norway,BHS of British, DGC from Germany, UNIVERSAL from Australia, LOBLAWS from Japan, ROSS in the United States. We have many kinds of products like Hamper, laundry basket, Storage box, cotton bags, recycle bags etc. Materials range is also very wide, like canvas, paper, straw, jute, linen, felt, wool, pp etc. Of course we have an independent design team can products according to customers’ s requirements and meet the diverse needs of customers. And we now have our own brand registered in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain.

Company tenet: quality is first. In the whole process,quality will be put on the top. The whole production process is divided into three main step: main/accessory materials’ purchasing and cutting; Products take into the finished production warehouse by inspection and packing.

System management: (1)As for the samples, Mr. Xiao doubled as company general manager and designer, led the sample development department to develop and design first-rate products to meet the requirement of clients.
(2)As for the materials. the company has a specialist procurement. Main/ accessory materials will be checked the color, quality, quantity, etc.
(3)As for the products, we have spcially-assigned person to calculate the cost. We try to do good and inexpensive, for consumers to buy our products with the rest assured.

We have all kinds of homeware products, because we have passion to our home—“Aiweijia”. we feel warmly to have such home, so everyone here love our home. Sincerely hope we can cooperate happily, let "Aiweijia" products around the world.

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Changtai Certification

What is BSCI

★Business social code of conduct, business social standards (BSCI) designed to perform a set of unified action program, through perfecting the development policy, to monitor and promote the production of related products of the company's social responsibility.
★Improve the working conditions in supplier countries, for the European business abide by social responsibility plans formulate implementation measures and procedures.

What is ISO9001

★ISO9001 is one of the core standards of a group of quality management systems included in the ISO9000 family standard. The ISO9000 standard is the International Standardization Organization (ISO) concept proposed in 1994 and refers to the international standard developed by ISO / Tc176 (International Organization for Standardization Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance).

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